Make your smart thermostat even more efficient through the Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards! Heating and cooling account for up to 50% of your home’s energy use*. Your smart thermostat already helps you save energy and money while keeping you comfortable in your home, but you can save even more by optimizing your thermostat schedule and participating in Peak Savings Days. Learn more about the Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards here.


How to Participate:

Pepco is partnering with Resideo Technologies to optimize your smart thermostat(s) through the Connected Savings portal. Simply enroll the qualifying smart thermostats in your home and ensure that each is programmed on a schedule. We’ll take care of the rest, while you enjoy extra savings—just for participating!

Start Saving


    Thermostat optimization is a process that uses your customized thermostat schedule along with data from local weather and your personal smart thermostat data to learn how your house reacts to various weather conditions. With these insights, your thermostat can automatically make customized adjustments for your home. The result? Additional energy savings while your home remains comfortable all year round.


    Energy Wise Rewards is a voluntary program to help customers save money and energy automatically.  The program works by initiating conservation periods for participating central air conditioners or heat pumps on Peak Savings Days, select summer days when energy demand is high. There are typically five Peak Savings Days between June and October each year. By enrolling your smart thermostat(s) in Energy Wise Rewards, you’ll receive up to $40 in bill credits, per device, each year you participate.


    Savings and comfort don’t have to compete — thermostat optimization is designed to enhance your comfort by ensuring your home is at your preferred temperature (based on the thermostat schedule you set) when you return from being away.


    This program is free to join, and you can opt-out at any time.


    Residential cooling systems across the U.S. release an average of 140 million tons of CO2  into the atmosphere. By participating in an energy efficiency program and using less energy, you can help reduce the amount of environmental pollution.

EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. To learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the difference between Thermostat Optimization and Energy Wise Rewards?

Thermostat Optimization is a process that uses your smart thermostat data, weather data, and other information to fine-tune your thermostat schedule and maximize energy savings while keeping you comfortable.

Energy Wise Rewards is Pepco’s demand response program. On Peak Savings Days, Pepco will automatically initiate conservation periods for participating central air conditioners and heat pumps to help balance the region’s demand for electricity.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Participants must be a Pepco customer in Maryland who have central air conditioning or a heat pump and reside in a single-family residential home or individually metered townhouse or condominium. Participants must have a qualifying smart thermostat model with a Wi-Fi connection.

Information required to enroll in either Thermostat Optimization or Energy Wise Rewards, or both programs:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Pepco account number
  • Thermostat device name and model
  • Approximate size of home
  • Approximate age of home
  • Primary fuel type
  • Primary heating appliance
  • Cooling type

What Is Thermostat Optimization?

Pepco is partnering with Resideo Technologies to optimize your smart thermostat. Thermostat Optimization is a service provided by Resideo Technologies at no cost to you. With your help, we can minimize energy use by reducing energy waste through your smart thermostat! By signing up for Thermostat Optimization through Resideo’s Connected Savings portal, you allow us to make minor adjustments to your thermostat, we can provide comfort when your home and maximize your savings while you’re gone. Don’t worry, you have ultimate control of your home’s environment and can adjust the temperature at any time.

Why am I being offered Thermostat Optimization at No Cost?

Thermostat Optimization is an energy-saving opportunity. The goal is to reduce energy waste, reduce carbon emissions, and help customers save money on their energy bills. As a participant, you can opt-out at any time.

How will my data be used?

Your data will enable Pepco and Resideo to evaluate energy savings in residential homes in selected climate zones in the state of Maryland. Any information shared with Pepco and Resideo through the Connected Savings portal will be subject to Connected Savings privacy terms.

Data from your smart thermostat, and local, real-time weather data is used to develop an energy model of your home to understand how it responds to varying local weather conditions.

Pepco and Resideo treat all customer data as confidential and will only share the thermostat data with Pepco-hired vendors specific to implementing the Thermostat Optimization Program. For evaluation, measurement & verification purposes, your smart thermostat data may be used in aggregate for reporting purposes to the Maryland Public Service Commission. For further details, please refer to the Smart Thermostat Optimization Terms and Conditions.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

To view the Terms & Conditions for the program please click here.

How do I Unenroll in the Thermostat Optimization Program or Opt-out of an Energy Wise Rewards Conservation Period?

If you would like to unenroll from the Thermostat Optimization Program, please submit a request in your Connected Savings portal or email

Energy Wise Rewards participants can opt-out of a Peak Savings Day conservation period by adjusting the temperature setpoint on the smart thermostat or within its mobile app. Adjusting the smart thermostat’s temperature will override the Peak Savings Day thermostat settings.

Does my thermostat have to stay connected to Wi-Fi?

Pepco’s Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards rely on being able to communicate with your smart thermostat, which requires a Wi-Fi connection. While temporary outages may not have significant impacts, your smart thermostat must remain connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to achieve the full benefits of this program. If your smart thermostat is not connected to Wi-Fi for an extended period, you may be automatically unenrolled from the program(s).

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